Multivista – Industrial Products and Services – Industrial Automation

Engineering Expertise

We offer complete life-cycle management and end-to-end support to our customers, on the strength of our rich experience, skilled resources, product knowledge and technical expertise.

Trained by our OEM partners our technical team comprising of Product Specialists, Application Engineers, OEM Technical consultants and Sales Engineers know their domain, products and provide the right solutions.

Our customer care team interacts with our industrial customer base to provide details and allocate service team members within the shortest possible time to ensure our customer equipment and operations are restored

Our Quality Assurance

Quality of products or service in today’s world is a basic expectation from a customer.

In our Distribution business, our partnerships with the best-in-class brands ensures that the products we sell provide world class quality.

Our Product Specialists and Service teams are well trained on domain and product and thereby ensure they provide the right service levels in every customer interaction

Our Supply Chain & Sales team are governed by processes and undergo training and take feedback from customers to continuously improve

At our print facility, quality certifications, responsible sourcing of raw materials, adherence to WIP checks through the manufacturing processes ensures that every book that leaves the line has passed the norms established

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